Work2BWell passionately believes in the use of innovation, to enable provision of high quality Occupational Health services for organisations, whilst maintaining low customer costs.



Dr Lucey is the Managing Director of Work2BWell, a company specialising in all aspects of Occupational (workplace) Health. She is a UK trained accredited specialist and Consultant in Occupational Medicine and Member of the Faculty of Occupational Medicine.

She has almost twenty years’ experience working in Occupational Medicine in the UK, having been responsible for the provision of services to numerous small and large organisations; including hospitals, councils, manufacturing industries, the transport sector, the police, government and private sector.

In addition to post graduate medical membership qualifications, Dr Lucey achieved a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) with Distinction from The University of Westminster in 2010 and understands the needs of companies from a business perspective.

Whilst being able to provide standard Occupational Health services, Work2BWell recommends bespoke services tailored to an organisation’s needs. This helps companies focus on procuring Occupational Health services that will particularly benefit their organisation, whilst minimising the need for generic services that may have less benefit. This strategy results in high quality Occupational Health provision, but keeps costs low for companies.

Work2BWell also offers advice on all aspects of travel and Dr Lucey received her travel medicine training from The London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.



Pre-placement health assessments

Absence management

Fitness for work assessments

Ill health retirement /pension advice

Health surveillance: For physical, chemical and biological agents (eg. noise, vibration, skin and respiratory assessments).

Health Promotion (All aspects of well-being including smoking cessation, diet and alcohol assessments and mental and physical wellness ).

Training for employers and employees (eg. topics such as stress and manual handling)

Travel Medicine

Executive medicals: To assess both the physical and/or mental health of employees.

Special medicals: (such as offshore, driving, lead, asbestos, night workers).

Display screen assessments (performed on site)

Taking blood pressue


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